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There is a simple yet (almost) standard way to add a Card to your PayPal account 1. Login to your PayPal Account 2. Select Add Card [ I do not remember the exact menu Options, but should be available in your Profile] 3. Provide the following details •card number •cvv •expiry date •billing address 4. On successfully providing all details, The issuer will now send back a yes/no to PayPal (called authentication) based on the credentials you provided and the card will be added to your PayPal account. Please note that the following must be enabled for your Debit Card 1. Has a MasterCard, Visa logo 2. Enabled for electronic payments 3. Enabled for international payments as well You can call Customer Service [Telephone Number can be found at the back of the Debit Card] and clarify (i) if your debit card is enabled for electronic payments & (ii) if your debit card is enabled for international payments Updates : Per a query received followed by some digging around- SBI confirms that their Debit Cards are not enabled for PayPal and Google Wallet, Other notable responses from Official SBI are here for reference Specifically regarding Usage & Acceptance of SBI Cards on PayPal, here is some noteworthy information 1. Though there is a strategic collaboration between PayPal and SBI it is not operational yet 2. Details & PR Announcement is here 3. Official SBI Response on Twitter is - and I quote from there "Yes that's right, and the same will be made operational soon. Keep watching this space for updates." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About me: This article expresses my personal views, and not those of any of my employers — past, present or future.